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Edison Chen Sex Scandal Full Videos + Photos

The Edison Chen photo scandal involved the illegal distribution over the Internet of intimate and private photographs of Hong Kong actor Edison Chen with various women, including actresses Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Rachel Ngan, and Cecilia Cheung.[1] The scandal shook the Hong Kong entertainment industry in early 2008 and received high-profile media attention locally and around the world. Many local newspapers headlined the story consecutively during the first fortnight of February 2008, relegating coverage of the 2008 Chinese winter storms to secondary prominence during Chinese New Year.

MyCam.BIZ did a full page write-up about them today. Here’s the seven victims of the Edison Chen sex photos scandal, identified.

Edison Chen

bobo chan?bobo chan
Bobo Chan (陈文媛), 28

Relationship: The former singer-actress is now the fiancee of businessman, Phillip King. She was linked to Edison from 2001 to 2004. Her wedding was said to be in the rock after the scandal broke, but was saved when she flew to America to pacify her beau.

Photo Damage: About 120

cecilia cheung?cecilia cheung
Cecilia Cheung (张伯芝), 27

Relationship: Wife of singer, Nicholas Tse. She is a well-known actress in the Chinese entertainment scene and was linked to Edison in 2003. So far, she has been keeping a low profile over the scandal.

Photo Damage: About 130

Gillian Chung?Gillian Chung
Gillian Chung (钟欣桐), 27

Relationship: One half of the popular singing and acting girl group, Twins. In 2001, she starred in a video for one of Edison’s song, Scandal (really!) in 2001 and rumours of their relationship started from there. She had since publicly apologised over the scandal, saying she had been “naive and very silly”.

Photo Damge: About 100

Candice Chan?Candice Chan
Candice Chan (陈思慧), 27

Relationship: She is a friend of Edison’s older sister and was previously a singer, with not much commercial success. After the scandal, she has written on her blog entries that she was unhappy.

Photo Damge: About 50

Vincy Yeung?Vincy Yeung
Vincy Yeung (杨永晴), 19

Relationship: She is Edison’s current girlfriend and is also the niece of his former boss, Emperor Entertainment chairman, Albert Yeung. She seems relatively unaffected by the scandal so far and Edison had flew to Boston to spend time with her since the incident.

Photo Damage: Only 3

Rachel Ngan?Rachel Ngan
Rachel Ngan (颜颖思), 25

Relationship: The model-actress of Chinese-Pakistani parentage has said she met Edison through a mutual friend before she became a celebrity. They were linked while making a movie together in 2000. She had earlier declared she has never taken sexy photos with Edison when the scandal first broke, but has not commented since.

Photo Damage: About 10

Mandy Chen?Mandy Chen
Mandy Chen (陈育嬬), 31

Relationship: She was a contestant in the 2001 Miss Chinese International beauty pageant. Edison was a guest performer at the event. She did not win and went back to Australia after that. Not much is know about her and she has not spoke to the media yet regarding the scandal.

Photo Damage: About 40

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